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About us 



Seven Seas International’s roots date back to the year 1880 when the Great Great Grand Mother of our current CEO started selling fish, using a push-cart, door to door in the Central part of The Netherlands. Now, four generations and 130 years later, the company has grown into an international conglomerate of seafood purchasing, processing and production companies stretching the globe, with high quality fish products being sold in European and US supermarkets.



Seven Seas is engaged in the international seafood arena on four continents. Seven Seas has sales offices in The USA (North Carolina and Kentucky), The Netherlands (Amersfoort), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City and China (Hong Kong). Our strength lies in the vertical integration of the entire chain of custody in the fish industry, from farming and fishing to processing to sales. In addition to always striving to provide a high quality retail product, we also, throughout our entire organization strive to do this in the most sustainable and socially responsible manner.


Focus on Quality

Seven Seas’ quality control focus starts prior to the purchase of the fish or shellfish product from the farmer or fisherman. Before we enter into an agreement with a supplier, whether they are a European Fishing Conglomerate, a Vietnamese Fish Farmer or and Indonesian Shrimp processor, we first investigate and audit the supplier for sustainability (MSC), Social Responsibility (ASC or SA 8000) and Food Safety (IFS Grade A or BRC Higher Level). We rely on internationally agreed upon standards of Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Food Safety to be able to offer a first class product to our retail customers.

In all cases we use our own local people in the country of production to do 100% quality control checking (meaning that we are present 100% of the time during production and processing of our products). In addition to the onsite control, we also have100% of our products tested by internationally certified laboratories to guarantee that our specifications are met.


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