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  • Sweet Chili and coriander

Steamed Hake in Sweet Chili and Coriander

Sweet Chili and coriander

Our Steam Pouch Hake products are made from deep-water MSC certified South African Hake (Merluccius capensis). The fish is caught off the coast of South Africa in the South Atlantic and immediately processed into fillets. The fillet are then frozen and married to a Sweet Chili and Coriander marinade that accentuates the fresh and flaky texture of the hake. The combined product is then packaged in our patented Steam Pouch bag (with steam release valve).

Once purchased, the product can be prepared by simply putting it in the microwave (from frozen) for 4.5 minutes on maximum. Let the product cool for one minute and then simply cut open the bag and serve as a main course.

We hope you enjoy this healthy main course or any of our other Steam Pouch hake products.


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