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  • 53-zalm frisettes 150 g

Smoked Salmon Frizettes (shredded)

53-zalm frisettes 150 g

From the cold crystal clear water of the Norwegian fjords. Smoked Salmon Frizettes (shredded salmon) are made from whole smoked fillets (not from left over cuttings) and are ideal as an addition to a fresh garden salad or as part of a cold pasta salad. The tender shreds of this cold smoked salmon product are double smoked for extra flavor and add a wonderful taste to any dish.  Our smoked salmon frizettes are lightly salted & gently smoked over a rich mélange of natural FSC wood sorts bringing out the pure flavors of this wonderful delicacy.

Available in retail packs from 50g to 500g  (products can be packed in vacuum or MAP), all our products can be bought with a chilled or frozen shelf-life.


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