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Seafood & Shellfish in tomato sauce

Seafood spaghetti

Product description: Made from  fresh herbs and tomatoes, Seven Seas is pleased to present the Seafood and Shellfish in Tomato Sauce Pasta Topper. This product is made in Italy with traditional Italian herbs and spices. The product offers a wonderful opportunity for the customer to easily prepare an authentic Italian Pasta dish for their families without spending hours of time preparing the ingredients. The dish is easily cooked giving the customer a truly authentic “from scratch” Italian seafood dish.

Product Description: The Seafood & Shellfish in Tomato Sauce Pasta Topper consist of a fully cooked, authentic Italian Seafood & Shell fish recipe for a quick and wonderful home cooked pasta meal. Simply take the frozen pasta topper out of the package and put it in a pan on the stove at medium heat and simmer for about 7 minutes until the product is fully defrosted and heated. At the same time boil some of your favorite pasta and drain it after it has been cooked for about 7 minutes (see pasta package for exact details) and then combine the two ingredients to make a dish for your family.

Recommended Preparation: heat in a medium sized pain on a stove top


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