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Pickled Herring in Mediterranean dressing

Pickled herring mediteranean istock

Delicious pickled herring from Europe

Inspired by Southern European traditions, we present the Pickled Herring in Mediterranean dressing. This pickled herring product is a welcome addition to our line of traditional pickled herring products. As with all of our pickled herring product, they are made from the best Dutch herring, caught in the summer season, right after the herring’s migration down into the shallow waters of the North Sea. The herring is immediately processed after the catch and fillets are produced. After this the herring undergoes an extensive pickling process which will preserve the herring. After the pickling is done, the herring is married with a Mediterranean sauce including Kalamata Olives, dill and other Mediterranean spices. The MediterraneanPickled Herring is made of only the best ingredients to produce a truly exceptional products.

Please enjoy this and the other Pickled herring products in our offering.


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