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Fish and Chips

Guinness Battered Cod 500 breaded

Breaded skinless Cod fillets

Breaded Cod is a traditional European fish staple that has been prepared in Northern Europe for as long as the Europeans have been catching Cod in the North Atlantic. Our breaded Cod products (called “Lekkerbek” (whole fillet) or “Kibbeling” (nuggets) in Dutch) are made from the finest Cod fillets and a traditional Cod batter.

Our Breaded skinless Cod fillets are made from either MSC Pacific Cod (Gadus macrocephalus) or MSC Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua). The Cod is sourced directly from the fishing companies catching these species and is processed in our factory in The Netherlands. We use a traditional Dutch batter called “Lekkerbek” batter, that was specifically developed for frying fish. This product can be purchased both pre-fried or un-fried (battered only).

This product is sold in either frozen cartons or frozen retail bags of various sizes.


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