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Biltmore Filet Royale Smoked Salmon

Bilt filet royale 170g

Savor the heritage of Biltmore® at your table. Inspired by America’s Largest Home®and the legendary hospitality of George and Edith Vanderbilt, our collection of seafood helps you elevate an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience. Complete your meal by pairing the salmon with a bottle of Biltmore® Chardonnay Sur Lies.


The Fillet Royale, or the Royal Cut, is the thickest most succulent part of the Smoked Salmon Loin. This cut has been served in Scandinavian Royal houses for centuries and represents the very best of Norwegian Smoked Salmon products. The Fillet Royale is cured in natural salts and smoked according to ancient Scandinavian methods to produce a unique, traditionally flavored masterpiece of Scandinavian cuisine.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Remove the salmon from the refrigerator 15 minutes prior to serving.

For recipe ideas go to www.biltmoregourmet.com

INGREDIENTS: Atlantic Salmon “Salmo Salar” (farmed in Norway), salt, sugar and smoke. CONTAINS: fish.

ORIGIN: Norway, smoked and cured in The Netherlands.

NET WEIGHT: 6 oz., 170g.



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