• Basa Pasta a l' orange
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Italian Basa Pasta a l’orange

Basa Pasta a l' orange

Inspired by Chef Damien of the Biltmore Estate, these Ready to Eat meals are a truly wonderful addition to our product line.

The Italian Basa Pasta a l’organe is a traditional Italian dish, using fresh Basa (Swai) and with fresh squeezed orange juice in combination with real Italian shell pasta, we created a healthy refreshing and sophisticated dish using the freshest ingredients. This healthy tangy dish is an ideal summer night meal to be shared with a loved one.

The meal was designed for two servings and can be prepared in a mere 7 minutes from frozen to serving. Simply add a table spoon of cold water to a medium sized skillet and add the contents of the bag and heat over medium heat. By the time the content of the package is defrosted the shrimp will be perfectly cooked. Simply serve with a nice glass of wine to enjoy your traditional Italian seafood dinner for two.

Sold in the freezer section in 24 oz. (680 gr.) retail bags.


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