About us    History  Seven Seas International’s roots date back to the year 1880 when the Great Great Grand Mother of our current CEO started selling fish, using a push-cart, door to door in the Central part of The Netherlands. Now, four generations and 130 years later, the company has grown view info »


Seven Seas International USA
Hotline: +1.888.627.5668
Email: info@7siusa.com
Fax: +1.828.575.5358

New Products

  • Bake-off Frozen Apple Pies

    For more information on our Pie offering, please visit: www.despecialiteitenbakkerij.nl

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  • Herring

    Other Names: Herring, Atlantic Herring, Blue Herring Range & Habitat:: Herring are found in both the Atlantic and Pacific basins. The Atlantic Herring population consists of multiple sub-species, amongst which the Clupea harengus (common Herring) is the most abundant. The Herring migrates from the Northern waters

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  • European Flounder

    Other Names: Flatfish, Plateis, , plaice (Pleuronectus platessa) Range & Habitat: North Sea Identification & Biology:  European Flounder (Pleuronectus platessa) refers to a member of the flat fish species that swim on one side; both eyes are located on the side that faces up. Size and color vary

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  • Mackerel

    Other Names: Common or Atlantic mackerel, Spanish mackerel, tinker mackerel, Pacific mackerel, king mackerel, kingfish Range & Habitat: Most species are harvested off the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America; there is a Pacific variety as well. Identification & Biology: There are many species of mackerel; most

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