Wien Travel Blog 26th and 27th August 2013

Bangkok was hot and rainy today (26th). Saw the largest marinade producer in Asia today (Newly Weds). They have an amazing test kitchen and very knowledgeable staff. Flew on to Saigon later the same day. We are testing our new Ready to Eat Meals today. The producer did an excellent job in following Chef Damien’s instructions. The product is very tasty. I can’t wait for it to hit the US stores later this year....more

Wien Travel Blog 23rd August 2013

Flying to Amsterdam tonight to connect to Bangkok.  It is amazing how much more important Seafood products are in the Asian cultures than in the Western cultures. This probably explains why so much of the future Seafood resources will be located in Asia. On this trip I will be visiting with a Cobia farmer. Cobia, is a relative new comer on the world stage of farmed fish, but it has great potential. Cobia has a very nice structure and rich taste. I think one of the advantages is that it is an Ocean farmed fish, which gives it the benefit of being slightly more flavorfull....more

Wien Travel Blog 22nd August 2013

Headed to Bangkok and Vietnam, updates coming soon....more


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