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Mission and Values


Mission Statement: “To supply superior quality sustainable seafood products at an affordable price”

Mission and Values 

Seven Seas is committed to providing quality food products on a global basis for our customers and providing them with the highest level of value and service.


Seven Seas strives to market seafood with a  quality that meets or exceeds our partners’ expectations and requirements.  We incorporate quality in every process and practice in our business. We utilize and instill it into every aspect of our relationships. We use internationally agreed upon standards of Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Food Safety to provide a first class product to our customers.

In all cases we use our own local people in the country of production to do the quality control checking.  In addition to the onsite control, we also have all of our products tested by internationally certified laboratories to guarantee that our specifications are met.


We have exceptional people. Keeping our standards high means having everyone focused on excellence . . . all the time. Our passion is our compass throughout the day. We believe that our commitment to quality products, impeccable service, and community involvement, is evidence of that dedication. We are proud to have embraced a business approach incorporating environmental, economic and social considerations in our efforts to create long-term, sustainable value. Sustainability isn’t just about “green” practices. It’s about being poised to move into the future as a responsible and successful company here to help our customers grow. We respect and defer to MSC in regards to an industry position on sustainability:

For generations we have worked with the best people and challenge them to deliver maximum value to our customers within a positive, collaborative, supportive, and goal oriented environment.  We embrace the many cultures, experiences, and skills derived from our diverse group of industry specialists.  We build our business on mutual respect, dignity, and consideration between our company and its customers and partners.

Value for our customers

We deliver value to our customers by timely and competitively providing quality products paired with extraordinary service.  Our value is built upon broad general and deep specialty knowledge and experience, extensive resources and capabilities, a flexible culture. We continuously challenge ourselves to create Value for our customers by monitoring the global trends in the seafood industry.

Integrity in business

We operate our business with integrity.  The company and its employees adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior and principles.  We endeavor to deal honestly and forthrightly.  We work hard to maintain and uphold superior business practices.


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