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Seven Seas International’s roots date back to 1880 when the Great Great Grand Mother of our current CEO started selling fish, using a push-cart, door to door in the Central part of The Netherlands. Now, four generations and 130 years later, the company has grown into an international conglomerate of seafood purchasing, processing and production companies stretching the globe, with high quality fish products being sold in European and US supermarkets.

Seven Seas originates in the town of Spakenburg, a more than 600 year old fishing village in the Central Part of The Netherlands. In the early Middle Ages, Spakenburg was mostly isolated from the outside world and a very strong fishing tradition took hold. Spakenburg’s location (on an inland saltwater sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean) was ideal for a wind powered fishing fleet. Species such as herring, sardines and mackerel used the inland sea as its spawning ground, making the waters rich with ocean life.

Over de centuries, the fishing industry evolved in Spakenburg to include seafood processing and international trade in seafood products. Seven Seas is currently active on nearly all continents (except for Antartica) and produces high quality sustainable seafood products for its worldwide customer base.


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