Welcome to Seven Seas International USA. For over 130 years my ancestors and I have roamed the world to bring the finest fish and seafood products to your table.  We strive to bring sustainable, responsible and delicious seafood  at an affordable price to our customers. view info »


Seven Seas International USA
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New Products

  • Bake-off Frozen Apple Pies

    Our “Bake-off” frozen Dutch Apple Pies are made from fresh apples, delivered daily to our factory in Holland. The pies are pre-baked and frozen to be prepared at home or in the store. Simply put the frozen Apple Pie in the oven at 375 F

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  • Herring

    Other Names: Herring, Atlantic Herring, Blue Herring Range & Habitat:: Herring are found in both the Atlantic and Pacific basins. The Atlantic Herring population consists of multiple sub-species, amongst which the Clupea harengus (common Herring) is the most abundant. The Herring migrates from the Northern waters

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  • European Flounder

    Other Names: Flatfish, Plateis, , plaice (Pleuronectus platessa) Range & Habitat: North Sea Identification & Biology:  European Flounder (Pleuronectus platessa) refers to a member of the flat fish species that swim on one side; both eyes are located on the side that faces up. Size and color vary

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  • Mackerel

    Other Names: Common or Atlantic mackerel, Spanish mackerel, tinker mackerel, Pacific mackerel, king mackerel, kingfish Range & Habitat: Most species are harvested off the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America; there is a Pacific variety as well. Identification & Biology: There are many species of mackerel; most

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